Any injury incurred as a result of a car accident can and will take a toll on you financially, physically and emotionally. It can affect the quality of your life for the duration of your natural life. Where before you were athletic, you may find yourself being an invalid barely able to participate in even the most basic forms of sports.

Interestingly, the most common type of car accident injury is back injury. Accidents contribute to over 40% of spine-related injuries annually. Combining the expense of treating a back injury and the loss of an income as you convalescence (or permanently due to a disability) it is virtually impossible to go back to the way of life you enjoyed before the accident. The obstinacy of a back injury will cost you because it is a condition that you may have to contend with for a long time. In fact, prepare yourself to live with it for the rest of your life.


The back pain from a car accident comes in four main common manifestations


These are back injuries that affect the middle and lower back also known as the lumbar spine and the thoracic spine. This is prevalent where the body of the victim was thrown forward in the accident while the lower body was restrained by the seat belt. It often results in a spinal fracture because of pulled vertebrae. You will normally experience excruciating pain when you move about and numbness, tingling, weak lower limbs and even loss of bowel control.


This occurs when the accident injures the discs located in the vertebrae. If the trauma is intense enough it can cause the discs will bulge or herniate causing excruciating pain


The trauma suffered during an accident can cause damage to ligaments and tendons around the vertebrae. This soft tissue damage can be in form of tearing or overstretching which affects the nerve endings on the tissue. You will experience severe back pain in such a case as well.


Commonly experienced by head-on collision accident victims this back pain occurs when the thrust of the upper body is very violent yet the lower body is still tethered using the seat belt. The violent throw fractures the vertebrae causing you to even lose sensation in your legs and the ability to move.

Once the type of injury is ascertained settlement can be determined to befit the impact that the injury has had on one’s life and the lives of their loved ones. The proof is always required before any payment is made on a claim of this magnitude so your medical bills, police reports, witnesses, photos, hospital stays and any physiotherapy involved will go a long way in determining the validity and economic value of your claim. The court will aim to compensate for actual and future financial losses incurred from the accident as well as non-economic compensation which takes into account emotional distress, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

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