Auto accidents can be very involved with the burden of proof heavily dependent on the analysis of professionals and not on the victim’s testimony alone. Because of this, victims of auto accidents are discouraged from pursuing justice for their injuries or even loved ones they have lost in such instances. It is important to use the services of an aggressive and skilled car accident lawyer of the caliber you will find at the Auxilium Car Accident Law Phoenix.

From bicycles, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents to truck accidents, the distress and pain one suffers from the death of a loved one cannot be minimized. Make sure that you or your loved ones seek legal representation because the size or type of vehicle does not matter.

For example, a truck weighing more than 40 tons collides with a 2-ton passenger car will definitely result in life-altering injuries but so will a 2-ton car colliding with a bicycle. Although the accidents are not the same they are similar in a lot of respects and each requires justice for the victim.

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The right attorney should first and foremost be dedicated to the win of their client. This can be achieved best by retaining services of an experienced, professional and skilled attorney who has been in and out of the court system and understands the workings of the legal system.

The attorney will facilitate the investigation and litigation of the case on your end. This will ensure that your legal team has evidence of the findings they got on the ground that can counter any claims from the defendant’s part. In most cases, the defendants will go to try as much as possible to limit their liability. In fact, you can expect their team of investigators to also visit the accident scene with the aim of finding ways of minimizing the amount they will pay you.


The right attorney will use the findings of the investigators to show exactly what happened. At Auxilium Car Accident Law Phoenix, our attorneys will conduct the most thorough investigations and see whether the findings corroborate your story. Once all the evidence has been collected and corroborated they will work out what the exact cause of the accident was including negligence, illegal activity, or faulty machinery. After ascertaining the cause, we will determine whether to only go for compensatory damages or to add punitive damages into the settlement.

We will make an extensive list of your medical expenses, lost wages or income, and emotional and physical distress among other damages. We will also consult you about the amount you are seeking in damages and advise accordingly if the amount is too little or too much. We respect your decisions and feelings during this trying time but we also seek to remain the objective party in this very emotional time.



Our law firm has taken on a lot of complex injury cases that have been caused by driver’s error and poorly maintained equipment. We will help you and your family to navigate the legal processes. Just give us a call at (602) 562-5800or email us on for a consultation or for more information.